You are everest

In this digital day and age we all have a lot of precious content to archive, and everyone is wondering how to keep their rushes, pictures, movies, photographs and other digital content safe.


As the global quest for content archival is gaining momentum, we’re being bombarded by dirt-cheap cloud storage. However, it usually remains unclear where your data is stored, how it is kept safe and how easily you can access it when you really need it.


Moreover, not many providers care to mention the significant impact all this data storage has on global warming. At the rate that our needs for storage are evolving, the price we pay for meeting them will likely be much higher and far-reaching than what is estimated today.


Because our own archives are so personal, important and continuously growing too, we started asking questions: Where are they? What happens to them? Who has access? How can we minimize their burden on the planet? Not a single long-term storage provider on the market today was able to give us a satisfactory answer. So we designed our own.

Everest is an in-depth archiving system that runs on MAUD-Technology, which is synonymous for simplicity, robustness and transparency. Forget the murky mumbo-jumbo of cloud storage, with Everest your files are replicated to multiple disks and stored on different locations without chopping them up. You can organise them the way you want, access them whenever you need and have a proxy preview of your master files if you choose.


Everest is a powerful tool for people who care and want to stay in control of what is theirs.













Everest is everywhere


Everest is a distributed file system with full copies of your data, managed on different locations. This results in a highly secure and efficient archiving system, rock-solid as Mount Everest itself.


The MAUD technology on which Everest is hosted is installed at our offices and on different secured locations. And guess what… we actually exist. You can even give us a call or drop by with the hard drives that need to be archived.


That way you know precisely where your data is, you can even choose the disk your data is on. How’s that for a change ?











Everest loves you, love it back

These days, cloud storage uses a massive amount of energy, to the extent that data-centres produce more carbon dioxide than all worldwide aviation traffic combined.


So we designed Everest to do the exact opposite.


By using MAUD-Technology we take power efficiency to a new level and together with OZG we’ll compensate every Watt of power that we use to care for your archived data by planting trees. That makes Everest the most environmentally responsible cloud-storage solution ever designed.


Thanks to your data, the Everest forest is ever expanding and growing taller, and we’re protecting our planet instead of melting the icecaps. The Everest forest can be found here.








Everest is growing

Everest’s journey has just started but it is growing rapidly thanks to the exceptional people who helped us make the impossible possible.


Before the end of 2016, Everest will have planted a lot of trees to compensate for the archives it is safeguarding. We’d like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to the people who believe in the project and who believe that technology can make our planet a better place.

Concentra (Media Group), Sputnik TV (Production Company), Darkhorse (Production Company), Danny Willems (Photographer), Todotoday (Production Company), Zonderling (Production Company), Kurt Stallaert (Photographer), Visualantics (Production Company), BFKM (Accounting Agency)






Reach for everest

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A mountain of thanks


A project of the scale and scope like Everest would never have become possible without the tremendous support of the people around us.


So to all the people who helped us over the past year: Gilles, Fabian, Bram, Sophie, Annelies, Robin, Guillaume, Michael, Xavier, Christophe, Delphine, Vincent, Benoit, Jonathan, Carlos, Karl, Steven, Kris, Matt, Marco, de Schuur, mom, dad, Pumpkin and probably many more we are forgetting here…


THANKS for believing, for your endless patience and your positive energy, you are all wonderful !




© 2016 Everest